13th-14th May, QT Hotel, CANBERRA


Safeguarding Australia 2015

Global Violent Extremism: Another Long War


13th จC 14th MAY 2015



Safeguarding Australia is the premier Australian national security summit. It brings high profile speakers from government and the private sector to discuss contemporary national security challenges and responses.


The 2015 conference theme is Global Violent Extremism and addresses the re-emergence of violent and radical ideologies as a major international security threat. The theme bridges external threats, such as the Islamic State, and their links to domestic threats, such as sectarian tensions within communities, the return of foreign fighters and internationally-inspired terror plots.


The 2 day summit includes:


กค         A counter terrorism stream which examines violent extremism and the terrorist threat abroad and within Australia.

กค         A data, surveillance and intelligence stream which will discuss current trends in metadata collection and analysis, lessons in predictive analytics from the business sector and Australian surveillance laws.

กค         The 4th Annual Cyber Warfare Conference which will explore emerging issues in cyber warfare practice and policy, the changing role of the cyber domain in network centric warfare and ways in which government and business collaborate on cyber security issues.

กค         A Next Generation Disaster Management Forum which will present a series of case studies in emerging technologies and approaches to disaster management and discuss ongoing challenges in the scale, speed and impact of multidimensional disasters and key issues in disaster response and resilience policy.

กค         A Blast Design and Modelling Workshop which will provide an overview of Australian case studies, modelling tools and research projects in protecting structures from the perspective of building engineers and protective security specialists.


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