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Program & presentations

The presentations listed below are those which have been supplied by the presenter. Some will not be provided due to their sensitivity.

  • Day 1: The Howard Government's 4th Term Agenda and The New Agenda - Emerging Issues
  • Day 2: Planning for National Special Security Events and Frontlines for Safeguarding Australia - Intelligence and Business Involvement
  • Day 3: Science, Engineering and Technology Summit on Counter-Terrorism Technology
Tuesday 12 July 2005
8:30 Welcome
Professor John Baird, Rector, UNSW@ADFA
The Howard Government's 4th Term Agenda

Session 1: Official Opening
Using Historic Opportunity - How the 4th Howard Government will safeguard Australia from terrorism
The Hon. Philip Ruddock, MP, Attorney-General. Presentation>>

9:05 Keynote Address
Transnational Terrorism - The assessment of the global threat and the current situation in Southeast Asia
Professor Rohan Gunaratna, Institute of Defence and Strategic Studies, Singapore, author, Inside Al Qaeda; Global Network of Terror (2002)
10:10 Break
  Session 2: Safeguarding Australia - Implementing the Current Agenda: Policy, Intelligence and Policing
10:40 Progress in Implementing Initiatives for the Government's 4th Term
Duncan Lewis, First Assistant Secretary, National Security Division, Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet Presentation>>
11:10 Extending National Security Intelligence
Senior representative, ASIO, Speech
11:40 Enhancing AFP International and National Counter-Terrorism Roles
Assistant Commissioner Ben McDevitt, National Manager Counter-Terrorism, Australian Federal Police, Presentation not to be published
  An alternative approach
12:10 Session 3: The Opposition Critique
Is There A Better Way?
The Hon Arch Bevis MP, Shadow Minister for Homeland Security and Aviation and Transport Security Presentation>>
12:40 Lunch
  The New Agenda - Emerging Issues
  Session 4: Defence and Homeland Security
1.40 Security Pressures and Preferred Options for Enhanced Offshore Maritime Security
Rob Tonkin, former Head, Australian Government Task Force on Offshore Maritime Security Presentation>>
1:55 The Implementation of the Joint Offshore Protection Command
Rear-Admiral Russ Crane, RAN, Commander, Joint Offshore Protection Command and Director-General, Coastwatch Presentation>>
2.15 The Future of ADF Involvement In Homeland Security
Aldo Borgu, Program Director, Operations and Capability Program, Australian Strategic Policy Institute Presentation>>
2.35 Break
  Session 5: Document Verification and Secure Personal Identity

Panel Session debating the implications of the Government's increasingly technical and integrated accessing of documentation and the impact on personal privacy
• Senator the Hon Chris Ellison, Minister for Justice and Customs. Paper read on his behalf.
• Karen Curtis, Privacy Commissioner, Office of the Privacy Commissioner, Australian Government Presentation>>
• Laurie Glanfield, Director General, NSW Attorney- General’s Department
• Anna Johnston, Chair, Australian Privacy Foundation and Director of Privacy Consulting, Salinger and Co Presentation>>

  Session 6: Counter-Terrorism and Civil Liberties - the right balance?

Panel Session
• Geoff McDonald, Assistant Secretary, Security Law, Attorney-General's Department
• Professor George Williams, Director of the Gilbert and Tobin Centre of Public Law, University of NSW
• Robert Toner, SC, Secretary, NSW Bar Association Presentation>>
• Ted Lapkin, Senior Policy Analyst, Australia Israel Jewish Affairs Council
• Ben McDevitt, National Manager Counter-Terrorism, Australian Federal Police

6:30 Pre-dinner Drinks

Conference Dinner
Countering Terrorism - Are the Israeli Approaches Exportable?
Dr Boaz Ganor, Executive Director, The International Policy Institute for Counter-Terrorism, Herzliya, Israel, author, The Counter-Terrorism Puzzle: A Guide for Decision Makers (2005)

Wednesday 13 July 2005
8:25 Welcome
Planning for National Special Security Events

Session 7: Security Environment for the Commonwealth Games 2006

8.35 Commonwealth Games security
The Hon. Justin Madden, MLC, Victorian Minister for the Commonwealth Games Presentation>>
  Session 8: Securing High Profile Mass Events - The Commonwealth Games 2006
9.05 Planning for the Security of the Commonwealth Games2006
Michael Power, Director Operations, Office of Commonwealth Games Coordination Presentation>>
9.35 Security Considerations in the Re-development of the Melbourne Cricket Ground
Scott Butler, General Manager-Facilities, Melbourne Cricket Club Presentation>>
10.05 Federal Involvement in Commonwealth Games Security
Leonie Mack, Assistant Secretary, Security Programs Branch, Attorney-General's Department
10.35 Applying the Lessons of Recent Years to National Emergency Response for Mass Events
David Templeman, Director-General, Emergency Management Australia Presentation>>
11:15 Break
  Session 9: International Case Studies in High Profile Event Security
12:15 Securing the 2004 Republican Presidential Convention in New York
Robert Addona, former Senior Inspector, Threat Reduction Infrastructure Protection Section, New York Police Department Presentation>>
12.45 Lunch
  Session 10: Applying International Best Practice
1:45 Keynote Address
Countering terrorist attacks: What experience has taught us
Dr Boaz Ganor, Executive Director, The International Policy Institute for Counter-Terrorism, Herzlia, Israel, author, The Counter-Terrorism Puzzle: A Guide for Decision Makers (2005) Presentation>>
2:50 Afternoon tea
Concurrent Sessions

Session 10: Developing Actionable Intelligence for Homeland Security


Session 11: The Private Sector - Justifying security expenditure, export opportunities and the Australian national security market
3:20 Panel Session
• Allan Gyngell, Executive Director, Lowy Institute for International Policy
• Peter Jennings, Director of Programs, Australian Strategic Policy Institute Presentation>>
• Neil James, Executive Director, Australia Defence Association
• Sandy Gordon, Associate Professor, Centre for Transnational Crime Prevention, University of Wollongong
3.20 The CSO's perspective on security expenditure
Jason Brown, Chief Security Officer, ADI Limited Presentation>>
3:45 US Homeland Security Market - Export Opportunities for Australian Companies
Katharine Heather, Senior Export Adviser, Austrade Presentation>> Speech>>
4:10 Is it millions or billions? Defining the size and direction of the new national security market
Athol Yates, Australian Homeland Security Research Centre Presentation>>
4:40 Close
Thursday 14 July 2005

Science, Engineering and Technology Summit on Counter-Terrorism Technology

8:30 Welcome
8.35 Keynote address
The importance of SET to counter-terrorism

The Hon Gary Nairn MP, Parliamentary Secretary to the Prime Minister
9.00 What are the national research institutions doing in counter-terrorism & how can industry and government leverage from it?
Dr Lynn Booth, SET Unit, Department of Prime Minister & Cabinet
Dr Greg Simpson, Coordinator of the Secure Australia Program, CSIRO
Mr Neil Bryans, Director Information Sciences Laboratory, DSTO Presentation>>
Dr Ron Hutchings, Coordinator National Interest and Capability Enhancement, ANSTO
Dr Phil McFadden, Chief Scientist, Geoscience Australia
10:35 Break
Refereed stream 1
Refereed stream 1
Tech Update stream 1
Tech Update steam 2
Eleven Principles of Creativity and Terrorism
D. H. Cropley, Systems Engineering and Evaluation Centre, University of South Australia  Presentation>>
            Parametric analysis of building structure response to ground excitations of different frequencies and duration
H. Hao & B. Pillage, School of Civil & Resource Engineering, University of Western Australia
Research Challenges and Directions in Protecting the Australian National Information Infrastructure
Prof Ed Dawson, QUT Presentation>>

Future technologies in blast effects and mitigation modelling
A/Prof Priyan Mendis Presentation>>

11:30   The Development of a Model for Testing and Evaluation of Security Equipment within AS/NZS 4360:2004 - Risk Management David E. L. Jones & Clifton L Smith, Security Systems Research and Test Laboratory, International Centre for Security and Risk Sciences, Edith Cowan University Numerical prediction of rock mass damage and safe separation distance between underground chambers under explosion loads C. Wu & H. Hao, School of Civil & Resource Engineering, University of Western Australia Presentation>> Current & future technologies for remote vehicle tracking and surveillance
John Mo, CSIRO
Trends in protective security of large facilities and precinct
Bevan M. Clark, CEO of SecureUSA Presentation>>
12:00   Security modeling for risk assessment
M. A. Branagan, W.J. Caelli & D. Longley, Information Security Institute, Queensland University of Technology Presentation>>
Fragmentation and Weaponization of Buildings
A. Gupta, R. Lumantarna, T. Ngo, P. Mendis, APES Group, University of Melbourne Presentation>>
Future trends in surveillance technology
Dmitri Ishchenko, Applied Infrared Sensing Presentation>>
Can Defence's Counter-Terrorism Command and Controls Systems be adapted for Police Forces in Counter-Terrorism and Hostage Recovery Situations?
Neil Warner, ADI Limited Presentation>>
12:30 Lunch
1:30   Automatic Handwritten Signature Verification system for Australian Passports
Vamsi K. Madasu, Brian C. Lovell & Kurt Kubik, University of Queensland Presentation>>
Performance of Ultra High Strength Concrete Ductal Panels Under Blast and Impact Loading
Brian Cavill, VSL Presentation>>
Current & future technologies for geospatial intelligence
David Robinson, ESRI Australia
Current & future technologies for countering Man Portable Air Defence Missiles (MANPADs)
Doug Newman, Electronic Warfare Associates
2:00   Risk Assessment and Mitigation of Blast Damage to Built Infrastructure Mark G. Stewart & Michael D. Netherton, University of Newcastle Presentation>> Towards intelligent networked video surveillance for the detection of suspicious behaviours M.J. Brooks, A. R. Dick, A. van den Hengel, University of Adelaide Presentation>> Future developments in finding that needle in a haystack piece of intelligence
Richard Jones, Distillery Presentation>>
The convergence of GIS with other technologies in emergency management and counter-terrorism Tony Sleigh, Director, Emergency Information Coordination Unit, NSW Presentation>>
2:30   Numerical simulation of blast wave propagation in a building structure X. Q. Zhou, H. Hao & A. .J. Deeks, University of Western Australia Presentation>> Deployment of Passive Radio Frequency Identification Systems for Remote Vehicle Tracking John Mo & R. Kusumo, CSIRO Manufacturing and Infrastructure Technology Presentation>> Applications of emerging 3D technologies in counter-terrorism, operational planning and incident analysis - Stuart Bowd, McMullen Nolan & Partners Surveyors

Lessons from the 2004 Australian embassy attack in Jakarta
John Richardson, Assistant Secretary, Diplomatic Security and Services Branch Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

3:00 Break
3:30   Incident Notification: Requirements and Frameworks
Renato Iannell, National ICT Australia (NICTA) Presentation>>
Design & development of a portable, lightweight, rapidly deployable vehicle barrier
Nigel Buckley, General Manager, AVSelli Presentation>>
Latest Trends in Intelligent Surveillance Systems - Dr Rustom Kanga, iOmniscient Presentation>> Current and Future Challenges in Connecting the Dots - Dr. Hussein A. Abbass, UNSW@ADFA
4:00   Study of Risk Management Systems for Critical Infrastructure Protection
R. Kusumo & John Mo, CSIRO Manufacturing and Infrastructure Technology
  Identity Security Trends and Future Directions - Dr Robert Lee, CSIRO Presentation>> Current and future trends in hostile vehicle mitigation
Fabian Marsh, TRL
4:30 Panel discussion on the role of Australian researchers in counter-terrorism
Chair: Prof Bill Caelli, QUT
Panellists: Mike Rothery, Assistant Secretary, Critical Infrastructure Protection, Attorney-General's Department, Bruce Howard, Security Commissioner, Engineers Australia
5:00 Close
Prof Joseph Lai, UNSW@ADFA
5:05 SET Networking drinks


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